Fairytrail Characters

Why do we have fairytale characters on Fairytrail?

1. To elevate personality to the level of physical appearance.

It's very hard to know what someone is like as a person from their online profile. Who someone chooses as their character on Fairytrail says a lot about their personality and identity.

2. To help you understand who you have chemistry with.

Characters also help you understand which personality types you have chemistry with. Had a great video chat with someone? Check their character. Hmm.. Robin Hood. Maybe you have a thing for guys who prioritize kindness.

3. To help you search more effectively.

Many dating apps let you search for people based on age, ethnicity, etc. but what about the thing that really matters in a relationship, your partner's identity and personality? On Fairytrail, you get to search for that.


Don't know who you should choose?

If you're a man, determine your Fairytrail character here. (coming soon)


One more thing.

By introducing characters, we're creating a gold-mine of chemistry data based on personalities that we hope to aggregate and share as we grow as a dating app, so that we can give you dating insights. Subscribe here to get updates

And obviously, it's more fun to give each other nicknames and a shroud of mystery before the video chat.

Thank you for helping us build towards the most efficient, safest, and most fun dating app.


The Fairytrail Team